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Journey through time and travel across continents as Andrew discovers the forbidden secrets of his family to gain a better understanding and love for his heritage. Discover the enormous pride in the plight of prior generations as he uncovers the truth, which crosses socioeconomic classes, societal expectation, politics, pressure, promises, women's rights, religion, gender, sexuality, war, grief, physical & mental health, race, ethnicity, cultures, countries, urban vs rural, relationships, age, independence, finding oneself, devotion, love, learning to love oneself, legacies, and so much more.

Poetry is a very powerful and passionate tool. It makes people laugh; it forces tears. This collection of poems written by Shanda R. Dorff spans over thirty years. Poetry is a fun, beautiful creative outlet and is also therapeutic to express strong emotions. She writes whenever inspired by thoughts, observations, dreams, listening to others’ unique life stories, her own experiences, or simply needing a release. She enjoys reading and writing all types of poetry. Sometimes she writes for herself, and sometimes times she writes for others. She puts herself in their shoes so to speak. Putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard becomes an extension of her heart and mind. She shares the poetry with the person(s) who inspire it and at times with the world in hopes to raise awareness, help others, and encourage others to embrace their own creativity and interests. As you will see, some of her writings are more whimsical while others are soulful or passionate. Some reflect her love for science while others show love for people and animals. Some are dramatic while others are fantasy. Some are a tribute and others satire. She lets the words flow for themselves.

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