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Meet the Staff

Complex Cares LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients and want to ensure you know you are heard.  Your voice matters to us.

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Dr. Shanda R. Dorff, MD, FAAFP

I decided at 7 years old that I wanted to be a physician and began researching different paths to achieve my goal as well as started shadowing in the area hospitals at age 13.  I was a Valedictorian of my graduating class from Ozark, MO.  I then began attending college at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, School of Medicine and graduated from their accelerated program where earned a Bachelors of Liberal Arts at the same time as my Doctorate of Medicine in 2008.  I then moved to MN for my Family Medicine Residency through the University of Minnesota, North Memorial Family Medicine Residency, and I continued to follow my passion of caring for the entire patient as a person and not strictly as a disease or lab test as well ensuring always learning to provide the best care for every patient.  I felt privileged to work with patients of all ages and multiple generations in the same family.  I also enjoyed learning about new research and discoveries through out the medical field.  I graduated from the 3 year residency in 2011.  After residency, I provided full spectrum cares where I worked in a clinic, covered 2 hospitals, performed prenatal cares and deliveries.  Since then, I became blessed to be the mother of a son and two daughters  in addition to furry babies and fish. They provide infinite joy, adventure, mischief, fun, and help me to rediscover the world in all its beauty every day.  It was after I became a parent when I realized it is too difficult to be able to get to the daycare in time when covering 2 hospitals and having to potentially go into the hospital at all hours of the day and night. I then changed to outpatient / clinic only in 2014 where I continued to provide the highest quality care possible for my patients and continued to work more with more challenging or more complex conditions that affect the entire body.  I also taught  and continue to teach at medical conferences locally at the organization level, at the annual MN Academy of Pediatrics conference, and other states where attendees were from multiple countries in addition to being part of international working groups or consortiums.  In 2018, I was chosen to be on the Board of Directors of the MN Academy of Family Physicians after being a MN Delegate to the American Academy of Family Physicians for the NCCL conference.  A few months later, opened my own separate organization, Complex Cares LLC, and continue to strive for the highest quality care for all my patients.  I also continue to educate others about the conditions to improve access to cares.  I have also been asked (and accepted) to be a peer reviewer for articles submitted for publication regarding Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as well as peer reviewed multiple articles regarding women's health / obstetric & gynecologic cares, urologic cares, and mast cell diseases.  I further have published the case series listed on our website as well as am the lead author in the article also listed on our website establishing the first ever management guidelines for management of mast cell activation syndrome in pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and lactation, which is in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in addition to authoring the obstetric chapter of the book Disjointed that was released May 2020 in honor of EDS awareness month.  I co-authored the international consensus statement with link on our website about diagnostic criteria for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  I wrote a comprehensive sexual health / sexual medicine textbook that is listed on this website to provide a comprehensive review of all aspects related to sexual health strictly from a medical standpoint to remove misinformation and provide health-based information without judgement or bias that aims to remove stigma and improve awareness for all. I further wrote multiple to nonmedical publications. Lastly, I have been a featured guest on medical podcasts regarding POTS, EDS, and MCAS. I am grateful every day to have the privilege to care for others and work in a profession I adore and get to use my knowledge and training to create custom management strategies for each patient.

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Jon Dorff, B.BmE, MBA, Clinic Manager

I grew up in Minnesota and loved all it had to offer -- outdoor activities year-round, urban and rural options, professional sports teams, and so much more.  I changed my major after my 1st year of college when the University of MN first offered the Biomedical Engineering degree path, which was my goal all along.  I graduated in 2003.  I then worked designing devices for healthcare for several years prior to going back to school to get my Masters of Business in the Medical Industry.  Now, I am utilizing all of those skills to ensure best cares for patients.  In my spare time, I continue to enjoy all things outdoors, traveling, time with family & friends. 

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